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So about me! How can I write this, I'm not a writter. :-) 
So here goes.
Hello i'm Lizzie Tree @ Chrizzie photography.

I'm a mum of 4 children 1yr, 3yr, 5yr and 7yr.
I have a passion for photography and love my job so much.
I enjoy capturing those special moments for parents to cherish for ever.

How did I become a photographer?
I have always enjoyed taking pictures, and when my first born was young I took him to a photographer that took a small amount of money from me, rushed me in a 10 minute space took a hand-full of images then wanted hundreds of ££'s for a couple of them! 
So I left there feeling a little ripped off and like they where taking advantage of emotional mums, dads and grandparents.
So I started taking my own pictures of my little boy.

It's then I decided to start up Chrizzie photography as an affordable photographer that would include all the images on a USB and not give you only 24hrs to choose a hand-full and then charge you hundreds of ££'s.

I have a calm approach, with no set time for my clients as children can never be rushed.

Over the nearly 8 years I have upgraded studio space and equipment. 
Making it easier to capture those special moments.


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